Current Event Cat of the Day: Black Friday

Current Event Cat - Black Friday

Bring on the violence! Americans (and some Canadians) are flocking to the malls today in hopes of finding the holiday’s best Black Friday deals.

Black Friday, the day following the Thanksgiving holiday, is the biggest (and most violent) shopping day of the year in the States. 140 million early shoppers, who haven’t yet figured out that the same deals are available online, are expected to shop til they drop (or get knocked unconscious) this Black Friday weekend. And while a number of stores opened earlier this year to prevent the mad dash to the sale section, this year’s Black Friday still had its fair share of holiday brawls. Police have been reporting a number of incidents involving customers pushing and shoving each other to get their hands on the best deals, but in some cases the violence escalated – just a little bit

A man was shot in Romeoville, Illinois after he was suspected of shoplifting at a Kohl’s department store. The man ignored police requests to stop, dragged an officer with his car while trying to get away, and was then promptly shot. But that didn’t put a damper of the shopping festivities! The Black Friday shoppers browsed around the crime scene cones and took photos of the bullet-riddled car.

Over in Rialto, California, another police officer was injured after he attempted to break up one of three fights at a Walmart. The store manager decided to open the doors early (rookie mistake) resulting in crowds pushing and screaming at each other in the parking lot trying to get inside.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, a thief shot another man in the leg and then stole the victim’s newly purchased big screen TV. At first the thief just fired a few warning shots, causing the victim to drop the TV, but when the victim tried to get his TV back (rookie mistake) while the thief was loading it into his vehicle, he got a bullet to the leg.

And in Claypool Hill, West Virginia, a man was stabbed repeatedly after threatening another man with a gun in an argument over a Walmart parking spot.

Now, keep in mind that all of these incidents happened on Thursday. Who knows how many violent incidents will be reported at the end of the real Black Friday– it’s only noon! Stay inside – shop online!

Via: NBC News

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