Current Event Cat of the Day: Brazil Style Spying

Current Event Cat - Brazil Spying on US

After repeatedly ridiculing the United States for its excessive espionage and cancelling a state visit to Washington, Brazil was forced to make an awkward confession: they also spied on countries – including the U.S.

Brazil admitted that it had spied on diplomats from the U.S., Russia, Iran and Iraq. However, they insist the spying, which involved following diplomats and monitoring activities at the U.S. embassy, happened a decade ago.

Also, Brazil’s justice minister, Jose Eduardo Cardoso, says his country’s surveillance activities were “completely different” from those carried out by the evil United States.

“I see completely different situations. What happened in relation to Brazil and other countries was a violation. Emails and phone calls were violated, which is an affront to Brazilian sovereignty,” Cardoso told reporters.

And what about Brazil’s spying activities? Well, they were simply “counter-intelligence” operations intended to uncover whether other countries were spying on them. Spoiler alert: they were. But apparently they needed an Edward Snowden type leak to figure out what their “counter-intelligence” operations couldn’t.

If Brazil really wanted to stay under America’s radar, they should borrow a trick or two from China: smog. The smog in China has become so smoggy that it’s rendering government surveillance cameras ineffective. As the air pollution in China gets more and more hazardous, the Chinese will be shielded from government observation by thick blankets of smog. But if you think this is the incentive China needs to reduce air pollution – think again! China’s solution: build better surveillance cameras – or just rip off a design from another country.

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats

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