Current Event Cat of the Day: Illinois Goes Gay

Current EVent Cat - Gay Marriage Illinois

Illinois’s gay marriage bill is signed, sealed, and delivered, making it the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Sweet 16 and only 34 more to go!

Just days after Hawaii switched sides, Illinois followed suit with their own marriage equality legislation. The Illinois bill is set to go in effect on June 1, 2014, just in time for gay wedding season.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the legislation on Wednesday in front of 2,330 supporters gathered at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“What we’re celebrating today is the triumph of democracy, the triumph of liberty,” Governor Pat Quinn said before he signed the bill on a desk once used by President Abraham Lincoln.

“We understand in our state that part of our unfinished business is to help other states in the United States of America achieve marriage equality.”

After the bill was signed the crowd shared celebratory kisses and waved miniature rainbow flags featuring the outline of Illinois. Congratulations Illinois! Welcome to the 21st century!

But while it was all fun and games in Chicago, the mood was less celebratory in downstate Illinois where some of the state’s most well recognized religious figures continued to express their opposition.

In Springfield, Illinois, a crowd gathered around for an exorcism by the local Catholic bishop in protest of the governor’s action.

“It is not the church that must change to confirm its teachings to the views of the world, but it is each individual who is called to be configured to Christ,” Bishop Thomas Paprocki said during the service.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a conservative catholic gathering if they didn’t try and tie the recent Illinois tornadoes to the state’s approval of the marriage equality bill. If acceptance of marriage equality equals destructive tornadoes, then I guess all Midwesterners are secret gay marriage fans – especially Oklahoma.

Via: The Chicago Tribune

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