Current Event Cat of the Day: Rob Ford’s Latest Crack Video (And More!)

Current Event Cat - Rob Ford Rehab

Mayor Rob Ford, the pride of Toronto’s crack-smoking community, announced last night that he’s taking a leave of absence to check into rehab for a “substance abuse” problem.

Rob Ford said he is “ready to take a break” from his reelection campaign and “go get help” after a new video surfaced of him allegedly smoking crack in his sister’s basement.

Ford previously laughed off the idea of rehab, maintaining that he doesn’t use drugs… anymore. In fact, just a few weeks ago when asked directly if he was continuing to use drugs, Ford said: “You guys ask stupid questions.” But now a new crack-smoking video plus a new drunken audio clip have apparently done the trick and Ford has finally decided to get some help save what’s left of his reelection campaign.

Rob Ford Rehab TripThe latest crack video, which was secretly filmed by a drug dealer in the basement of Ford’s sister’s home this past Saturday around 1am, shows the mayor making a drag of what appears to be crack cocaine from a “long copper-coloured pipe,” exhaling a cloud of smoke and frantically shaking his right hand. Viewed by two reporters for the Globe and Mail, the video stars a man that looks like Alessandro “Sandro” Lisi, the mayor’s former driver who has been charged with drug dealing and extortion, Ford’s sister, Kathy, who has admitted in media interviews to being a drug addict, Mayor Ford, and of course some crack pipes. The dealer claims he’s got three videos of Rob Ford smoking crack and he wants six figures for all of them. Since when did secretly filming videos of Rob Ford become more lucrative than dealing drugs?

While the Globe and Mail was preoccupied watching crack videos, the Toronto Sun was busy obtaining secret audio recordings of Mayor Ford (presumably in one of his drunken stupors) at an Etobicoke bar on Monday night.

On the recording, Ford is overheard saying he would not be able to vote for Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak because he agrees with “all the gays.”

Ford is also heard to say “I’d like to f—– jam her” when asked about mayoral candidate Karen Stintz.

Jam her? I thought he had more than enough to eat at home? Unless by jam her he meant knock her down in the middle of a council meeting like he did with Coun. Pam McConnell – in which case that’s… still pretty awful.

With the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun getting all the hot Rob Ford scoops, the Toronto Star was feeling a bit left out. Solution? Add Justin Bieber into the mix! The Star is now reporting that Justin Bieber enraged Rob Ford by “jokingly” asking the mayor “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” when the two met at the night club Muzik on March 15. Rob Ford apparently partied until 5am that night, drank to excess, and at one point went to a private washroom. He emerged 45 minutes later and was incoherent and rambling.

But despite his continued crack addiction, his offensive comments about… everyone, and his drunken fights with teen pop stars, Rob Ford insists he’s going to stay on the ballot for the October mayoral election.  I guess his new re-election campaign will now shift from focusing on the importance of giving second chances to the importance of giving third chances.

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