Current Event Cat of the Day: Seven Dead Babies

Current EVent Cat - Seven Dead Babies

Police is Pleasant Grove, Utah arrested a 39-year-old woman after they found seven dead babies packaged in cardboard boxes in her garage.

Authorities believe Megan Huntsman gave birth to the babies over a 10-year-period, killed them one by one, and stored them in the garage.

Megan’s ex-husband, Darren West, believed to be the father of the seven dead babies, discovered the first body in the garage and alerted authorities. Officers responded to the call on Saturday and after searching the garage they discovered six more tiny bodies stuffed in separate cardboard boxes. Hunstman was promptly arrested and charged with six counts of murder. Not seven? Nope, only six.

Darren West, who was in prison recently on drug-related charges, was apparently too hopped up on drugs to figure out where his seven missing babies disappeared to.

We don’t believe he had any knowledge of the situation,” police spokesman Michael Roberts said of West.

When asked how the husband could not have known his wife had given birth to seven children, Roberts replied: “That’s the million-dollar question. Amazing.”

Neighbours in the middle-class neighbourhood were shocked and appalled by the situation. None of them even knew Megan Huntsman was pregnant in recent years and couldn’t understand why Huntsman’s three grown children, who were still living in the house, didn’t notice infants going missing left, right, and centre.

“What’s shocking is the three older ones living there and not noticing that their mother was pregnant,” one neighbour said.

“It’s shocking and kind of morbid and strange.”

But no one was more shocked than the officers who responded to the initial call.

“They got more and more shocked each box they opened,” Roberts said.

I suppose… but after finding the sixth dead baby, is a seventh one that much more shocking?

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