Current Event Cat of the Day: TSA Shooter

Current Event Cat - TSA Agents

A lone shooter went on a TSA agent rampage at LAX on Friday.

The gunman, Paul Ciancia, barged through a security checkpoint and pulled a .223-calibre M&P-15 assault rifle out of his bag at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Ciancia, 23, shot and killed TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez and then continued through the terminal, firing on two other uniformed TSA agents. After wounding a few more people, Ciancia was shot in the mouth and leg by two airport police officers and promptly arrested.

The gunman reportedly went up to travellers demanding to know if they were part of the TSA. One bystander, Leon Saryan, said he had just passed through airport security and was about to put his shoes back on when he heard gunshots and was approached by Ciancia.

He looked at me and asked ‘TSA?’ I shook my head no, and he continued on down toward the gate. He had his gun at the ready and, but for the grace of God, I am here to tell about it.”

You would think the lack of uniform and shoelessness would have been indicative enough, but apparently this guy needed verbal confirmation.

As for his motive, apparently Ciancia had quite the vendetta against the TSA, stemming from some kind of anti-government, conspiracy theory beliefs.

While Ciancia has been pretty unresponsive since the attack, he did have a note on him at the time of the shootings. How helpful of him!

David Bowdich, the head of the FBI’s LA office, said:

“In the note that was handwritten by the defendant, that was signed by the defendant, we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple TSA employees.”

“He addressed them at one point in the letter, and stated that he wanted to ‘instill fear into their traitorous minds’.”

Mission accomplished? Probably not – just means tighter security checks for the rest of us. Sigh.

As for the fate of the shooter, Ciancia is currently in critical condition at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The TSA hater was officially charged Saturday with murdering a federal officer along with a separate charge of committing violence at an international airport.

Via: BBC

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