Current Event Cat of the Day: The Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

Current Event Cat - Obama Turkey Pardon Cats

President Obama continued the presidential Thanksgiving tradition and pardoned two very plump turkeys, marking the start of American Thanksgiving – or as Americans call it, Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, Obama stepped outside the White House for a few minutes to participate in the turkey pardoning ritual.

“The office of the presidency — the most powerful position in the world — brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities,” Obama said during a ceremony on the North Portico.

“This is not one of them.”

This year’s lucky turkey was Popcorn, a 37 pounder who beat out 80 other birds via a Facebook vote to get shipped off to a turkey farm in Virginia where he can live the rest of his short life slowly dying of obesity. Fun fact: most pardoned turkeys die within a year of being granted a reprieve – mainly because they are bred to be so fat that they develop bone deformities, heart disease, or kidney problems.

“Popcorn, you have a full reprieve from cranberry sauce and stuffing. We wish you well,” Obama declared.

The year’s runner up, Caramel, who tips the scales at 38 pounds four ounces, was also pardoned and will join Popcorn on their victory tour at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate before retiring to the turkey farm.

The turkey pardon is arguable a silly Thanksgiving tradition but considering the other American Thanksgiving traditions (i.e. punching each other in a Walmart while trying to get the best deals on cheap merchandise), it actually seems quite highbrow in comparison.

And without the turkey pardon tradition, we would never have this classic picture of George Bush:

Bush Turkey

Or, for that matter, this lovely video of Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey while its turkey friends get slaughtered in the background. A true Thanksgiving moment!

Via: USA Today

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