Current Event Cat of the Day: Between Two Ferns

Current EVent Cat - Between Two Ferns

President Barack Obama appeared on Zach Galifianakis’s mock talk show Between Two Ferns to promote the Affordable Healthcare Act website, but at least one political pundit doesn’t believe comedy should be used to promote Obamacare: Bill O’Reilly.

The heavily scripted Funny or Die video included interview questions about Obama’s legacy:

Galifianakis: “What does it feel like to be the last black president?”

Obama: “What’s it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?”

And a discussion about North Ikea:

Galifianakis: “So how does it work? Do you send Ambassador Rodman to North Korea on your behalf? I read somewhere that you’d be sending Hulk Hogan to Syria. Or is that a job more for Tanya Harding?”

Obama: “He’s not our ambassador.”

The Between Two Ferns video quickly went viral, but it wasn’t well received by everyone. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly blasted the mock interview, arguing that Abe Lincoln would NEVER do a Funny or Die video.

“The Affordable Care Act is dubious, to say the least, and using a comedic website to enroll people is a little bit desperate, don’t you think?” O’Reilly said. “I mean, I’m all for PR, and if [White House Spokesman Jay] Carney wanted to go on Funny or Die, fine. But the president of the United States? All I can tell you is, Abe Lincoln would not have done it.”

Well, that’s true considering the technology wasn’t quite up to speed in the 1860s, but Lincoln was actually a known prankster with a great sense of humour – so he totally would have done a Between Two Ferns style interview.

Although O’Reilly deemed the interview “demeaning” and “a farce”, he can’t argue about its effectiveness. A government health care spokeswoman said Tuesday afternoon that 19,000 viewers of the Galifianakis video had already clicked through to visit

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