Current Event Cat of the Day: Ukrainian Protests

Ukrainian Protests

The Ukrainian protests continue into their fourth week with roughly 200,000 people rallying in the Ukrainian capital Kiev to protest against President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a landmark EU deal.

Yanukovich’s decision to abandon the EU deal last month in favor of closer ties with Russia sparked weeks of mass protests in Kiev. Ukraine SituationAfter months of negotiations, Ukraine was set to sign the the association agreement with the EU, but one stern look from Putin and Yanukovich backed off – which can be nicely summed up in this gif ———->

Many Ukrainians, along with the opposition parties, are outraged at the government’s decision to strengthen ties with Russia over the European Union – hence the growing protests. Last week a large group of demonstrators at Independence Square were stormed by police, prompting Secretary of State John Kerry to step in and condemn the Ukraine for the violent crackdown. Saying the U.S. “expresses its disgust with the decision of Ukrainian authorities to meet the peaceful protest in Kyiv’s Maidan Square with riot police, bulldozers, and batons,” Kerry assured the Ukrainian people that the United States was with them.

The riot police then retreated and Interior Minister Vitali Zakharchenko insisted in a statement Wednesday that no force will be used… for now.

U.S. Senator John McCain also decided to jump on the Ukranian bandwagon on Sunday, joining the housands of protesters in Kiev, telling them “People of Ukraine, this is your moment. This is about you, no one else. This is about the future you want for your country.”

Despite McCain’s passion, the European Union put a hold on trade agreement discussions with the Ukraine until there is a “clear commitment” to sign. So the ball is now in President Viktor Yanukovych’s court: Sign the deal, resign in shame, or cave to the heavy pressure from Putin and join a Russian-led customs union instead.

Via: BBC News

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