Current Event Cat of the Day: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Current Event Cat - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called her top cabinet members for an emergency meeting Friday to discuss the country’s most widespread protests in two decades.

The protests began more than a week ago over transport fare rises, but have since grown to include government corruption and the cost of next year’s football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. As of Friday about a million protesters were believed to be in the streets of 80 cities clashing with police as they rally against corruption and public transport. Brazilians get really upset about public transportation – so much so that several cities have already cancelled the scheduled transit fare hikes. But like in Turkey with Gezi Park, the protests are not just about the transit fares any more.

So far the death total is only at one: a man was killed when a driver—angry that the demonstrations had made it impossible to drive through São Paulo—plunged straight into a crowd of protesters with his car in the ultimate act of road rage.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s emergency meeting to discuss the situation will include top Cabinet members and hopefully a lot of coffee. Until now, Rousseff was largely silent about the whoe thing, perhaps hoping it would sort itself out. Her response – or lack of one – has been criticized by the Brazilian media.

“Dilma Rousseff and (Brasilia Gov.) Agnelo Queiroz are the epitome of Brazilian rulers,” wrote political commentator Fernando Rodrigues in the country’s biggest newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo.

“They embody the perplexity and the lack of leadership capabilities of several parties’ politicians vis-a-vis the new phenomena of protests without leaders or defined proposals. … It seems they are just waiting and hoping the tsunami will end.”

Hopefully the emergency meeting will productive – otherwise the Confederations Cup could be cancelled!!

Via: Current Event Cats & The Associated Press

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