Current Event Cat of the Day: Elvis Impersonator

Current Event Cat - Elvis Impersonator

Charges against the Mississippi Elvis impersonator accused of sending letters poisoned with ricin to President Obama and a US Senator have been dropped.

Paul Kevin Curtis, the professional musician and Elvis impersonator, was released from jail after prosecutors revealed the investigation had uncovered “new information”. Honest mistake!

Curtis, who was arrested last week at his home in Mississippi, was very happy to get back to his normal life. Despite going through this ordeal, he still loves his country AND Obama.

“I respect President (Barack) Obama, I love my country and would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other US official,” Curtis said.

Three letters addressed to Obama, Republican Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and a justice of the peace were discovered last week laced with ricin, a potentially fatal toxin. Now that Curtis is out of the picture, police are looking to pin the crime on another man, Everett Dutschke. Dutschke denies any involvement in the poison plan but he’s also currently out on bond on three charges that he fondled under-age girls, so… he sounds pretty guilty already.

Also, you know something bad happened (Boston…) when an Elvis impersonator trying to poison President Obama barely made the front page last week.

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