Current Event Cat of the Day: Indonesian Prison Break

Current Event Cat - Indonesian Prison Riot

Prison Break: Indonesian Style.

Indonesian prison authorities are on the hunt for 150 prisoners after over 200 escaped from a crowded jail after inmates set fires and started a deadly riot.

The riot broke out at Tanjung Gusta prison in Medan on Thursday after prisoners’ anger over a power cut that left them without electricity and water grew to the point where the only thing left to do was start a massive riot. And what better way to start a riot that breaking down the doors of the warden’s office, pelting him with rocks and setting the office on fire.

Things got a little out of control as the prison guards tried to beat the prisoners back into submission. A total of three prison employees and two inmates died during the violence (mainly from the fire, not the beatings) but eventually police gained control over the prison and put most of the inmates back in their cages. Most of the inmates…

Among those still on the loose are a number of prisoners convicted of terrorism offences. While police managed to capture 55 of the escapees, an estimated 150 are still out there. Yes, to make matters even worse, Indonesian police aren’t even sure of the exact number of fugitives still at large. Sleep soundly tonight Indonesians… possibly with a gun under your pillow.

Via: The Guardian 

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