Current Event Cat of the Day: Japanese Automakers

Current Event Cat - Japanese Automakers

Four Japanese automakers announced the recall of 3.4 million vehicles due to defective airbags that could potentially injure passengers by failing to deflate and setting on fire. Yep, setting passengers on fire would be a good reason to recall.

Among the Japanese automakers are Toyota, Nissan and Honda, meaning any Camry and Corollas may be at risk for setting passengers on fire. The defective cars were sold in the years 2000-04, and the firms said the defective airbag was supplied by parts maker Takata Corp. ‘That’s what you get for not buying American made!’ Some Glenn Beck-type is probably yelling somewhere.

As of yet, no injuries or deaths have been blamed on the faulty airbags. But I guess the Japanese would rather be safe than sorry. Or liable. 

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