Current Event Cat of the Day: László Csatary

Current Event Cat - Ex Nazi László Csatary

Better late than never? Sixty-five years after he was found guilty and sentenced to death for his role in the Holocaust, former Nazi police commander László Csatary was charged with war crimes.

Hungarian prosecutors have charged 98-year-old László Csatary for torturing and helping send Jews to death camps from the Slovak city of Kosice.

“He is charged with the unlawful execution and torture of people, [thus] committing war crimes partially as a perpetrator, partly as an accomplice,” said a spokeswoman for the Budapest Chief Prosecutor’s Office, who added that he “deliberately provided help to the unlawful executions and torture committed against Jews deported to concentration camps.”

László Csatary was detained last summer and put under house arrest in Budapest but it wasn’t until now that he was formally charged. I guess prosecutors figured, it took 65 years to find him, so what’s another year? They should probably get on that trial though – he’s not getting any younger.

Csatary is pretty overdue for his trial – especially considering he was first condemned to death 65 years ago. In 1948, a Czechoslovakian court found Csatary guilty, in absentia, of whipping and torturing Jews and helping to deport them to the death camp while serving as police commander in the Nazi-occupied city of Kosice in 1944. He was also known to beat them with his bare hands and a dog whip.

After the war, Csatary did what any guilty Nazi would do and fled to Canada. Eventually (and by eventually I mean in 1997) the Canadians took away his citizenship and he had been on the run since his arrest in Budapest last summer.

The Nazi Busters (aka the Simon Wiesenthal Center) can now take László Csatary off their most wanted list (which is a thing that does exist). One down, more to go! Side note: why do Nazis live so long? Shouldn’t they all be dead by default by now??

Via: NBC News

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