Current Event Cat of the Day: Limo Fire

Current Event Cat - Limo Fire

A newly married bride and four of her friends died in a limo fire on Saturday night.

The limousine burst into flames while on a major bridge in the San Francisco area. Smoke began pouring out of the back of the limo, prompting the driver to pull over. The limo fire quickly spread, engulfing the limo in flames. Four of the women, all in their 30s and 40s, managed to escape but the bride and four others became trapped. The bodies of the victims were found clustered together, most likely in an attempt to escape through the window in the driver’s compartment.

The driver emerged unharmed. Suspicious…

The group was off the celebrate after Neriza Fojas’ bridal shower. Fojas, a 31-year-old registered nurse, had been married recently in the United States but was planning to travel to her native Philippines next month and hold another ceremony before her family.

Investigators are unsure what caused the limo fire and are asking anyone who saw what happened to call the police. What they do know though, is that the fire was unrelated to the wildfires raging across the rest of California – obviously.

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