Current Event Cat of the Day: Miriam Carey, the DC Driver

Current Event Cat - DC Driver Miriam Carey

New details are in about Miriam Carey, the DC driver who tried to ram her car into the White House and ended up being shot by Capitol Hill police.

The driver, Miriam Carey, 34, was a dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut who was suffering from a rough bout of post-partum depression.

On Thursday, Carey tried to bypass a security gate at the White House in her car. Officers then opened fire as she drove off towards Capitol Hill. After she crashed and exited the car, she was shot and killed by the police. Her 1-year-old child, Erica, was in the car at the time of the chase but was unharmed. The girl was taken to a hospital and is now in protective custody. An investigation of why the chase ended with an unarmed women being shot dead is now underway.

As for possible motivations for her crazy behaviour, Miriam Carey was apparently delusional and reportedly believed the President had communicated with her. Law enforcement officials also suggested that she believed President Obama was stalking her. Then shouldn’t she have been driving away from the White House? Perhaps, but according to her boyfriend, Carey believed that President Barack Obama had placed Stamford, Connecticut, where they lived, under lockdown and that her home was under electronic surveillance. So maybe she was trying to steal the surveillance footage? But the real question is, was it really necessary to gun her down?

Via: CNN  & Current Event Cats

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