Current Event Cat of the Day: Montreal Water

Current Event Cat - Montreal Water

A water warning is in effect for 1.3 million Montreal residents. The city, known for its crumbling infrastructure, issued an advisory after a mishap at a water treatment plant turned the water a murky yellow colour. Lovely.

City officials say the problem stems from renovations underway at the Atwater treatment plant. The plant has been undergoing extensive renovations to upgrade its infrastructure for the last four years.  Sediment stirred up during work appears to be the source of the discoloured tap water. And anyone familiar with the pace of Montreal construction will know that it will likely take another decade to complete the infrastructure upgrades.

Officials say the warning is a precautionary measure while they await results of bacteria tests. In the meantime, 1.3 million of Montreal’s 1.8 million residents (note: Westmount is part of Montreal), have been advised to boil all drinking and cooking water. City officials say you can wash your clothes with unboiled water, but you should think twice before brushing your teeth with it.

The advisory, which was issued Wednesday, is supposed to remain in effect until late Thursday.

For those Montrealers who took a sip of the pale yellow water right before the alert was announced: YOU’RE GOING TO DIE. Or worst case, diarrhea. 

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