Current Event Cat of the Day: John Kerry

Current Event Cat - John Kerry

Current Event Cat of the Day: John Kerry

John Kerry has taken on the impossible: reviving the stalled peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. The US Secretary of State started his Middle East trip in Israel, meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who refuses to negotiate until Israel stops settlement construction in the West Bank. No surprise there.

Kerry will also meet with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israeli President Shimon Peres today and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday to discuss reviving the Middle East peace process.

And a trip to the Middle East wouldn’t be complete without a stern warning to Iran. Kerry warned Iran that time is running out for negotiations on its suspected covert nuclear weapons program.

“We would repeat to Iran it is our desire to have a diplomatic solution, but this choice really lies in the hands of the Iranians,” Kerry said. “If you have a peaceful program for nuclear power, as a number of nations do, it is not hard to prove to the world that it is peaceful.”

Looks like he will have his hands full on the 9-day trip.

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