Current Event Cat of the Day: Adly Mansour

Current EVent Cat - Interim Leader

Morsi out, Mansour in!

The top judge of Egypt’s Constitutional Court, Adly Mahmud Mansour, has been sworn in as acting president after the army ousted Mohamed Morsi.

Supreme Constitutional Court Chief Justice Adly Mansour took a leadership oath early Thursday and praised the protesters who began holding massive demonstrations four days ago in a bid to oust Morsi, saying they had united Egyptians. Meanwhile, Egyptians took to the streets to celebrate (well, they were already on the streets protesting so they just stayed there I guess).

But what about Morsi? Morsi, Egypt’s first (and only) freely elected president is now under house arrest along with many of his senior aides. The head of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement he comes from has also reportedly been arrested.

The Egyptian armed forces said Morsi “failed to meet the demands of the people” but have refused to call the takeover a coup. Insread, they describe it as a “national reconciliation” and insist new elections would come soon. Not sure how the forceful removal of a democratically elected government does NOT constitute a coup, but ok, let’s call it a “reconciliation”. Actually let’s take a vote and let democracy deal with it:

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Adly Mansour echoed the army’s sentiments, saying new elections were “the only way” forward, but gave no indication of when they would be held. Elections would be held based on “the genuine people’s will, not a fraudulent one,” Mansour said. “This is the only way for a brighter future, a freer future, a more democratic one”.

Hmm. If you’re living in a country where the military can oust a democratically elected president, you might not be living in a democracy. Just saying…

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats

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