Current Event Cat of the Day: Anne Frank

Current Event Cat - Anne Frank

Justin Bieber (the Biebs), visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam over the weekend and left an unbeliebably special note for Anne in the guestbook.

Bieber toured the museum for over an hour, learning how Anne Frank hid in an attic for years before being captured by the Nazis and eventually dying in a concentration camp. The Biebs was so inspired by her story he wrote:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Yes, that was his first thought. She went through a lot, but was she a belieber?

Note: this is not an Onion news article. The Anne Frank House posted the note on its official Facebook page, so you know it’s legit. The comments are a must read!

Bieber was in town to give a concert in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Next stop: Auschwitz, where the Biebs will reflect on whether his music could have stopped the Holocaust.

Although, to be fair to the Biebs, he can’t possibly be aware of what happened during the Holocaust since he is not familiar with the word “German”.

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