Current Event Cat of the Day: Drones

Current Event Cat - Drones

President Obama defended his use of drones and outlined new polices for overseas drones strikes in a major national security speech in Washington DC on Thursday.

The administration recently admitted that drones have killed American citizens overseas, but in his address at the National Defense University Obama vowed that he would do a better job in the future, stating, “there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”

This doesn’t mean drone strikes will end, but rather he will try to cut back on the number of attacks in general. You just can’t go cold turkey with drones! Instead, Obama will more carefully weigh the risks of using drones against the alternative of more terrorist attacks. While Obama will continue to call the shots drone-wise, he promised to work more closely with Congress and brief them on every strike.

And now for the second part of the speech: Gitmo. Obama promised ONCE AGAIN that he would close the Guantanamo Bay military prison. Obama told his audience: “Guantanamo has become a symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law.”

But one person was not convinced of Obama’s commitment to closing the prison: serial protester Madea Benjamin. Benjamin relentlessly heckled Obama during his speech, shouting about the current hunger strike at Gitmo and demanding the release of the prisoners TODAY! Obama put up with the heckler for a while, saying “I’m willing to cut the young lady who interrupted me some slack because it’s worth being passionate about.” Note: Madea Banjamin is 60 years old. She was later removed from the auditorium.

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