Current Event Cat of the Day: Egyptian Troops Open Fire

Current Event Cat - OPen Fire

Now it’s the Egyptian army’s turn to play the bad guy. Egyptian troops have opened fire on pro-Morsi protesters after a public show of support for Egypt’s ousted president.

Egyptian troops opened fire on a crowd of several hundred during a march towards the military barracks in Cairo where Morsi is believed to be held, killing at least three Morsi-lovers.  Several dozen people were also injured by shotgun pellets fired by the army.

“One protester broke away from the rally to stick a pro-Morsi poster on the barbed-wire around the barracks. He was shot in the head with a birdshot,” an Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood is refusing to negotiate with the new government, saying it will now pull a total role reversal and adopt the tactic that led to the deposition of their first democratically elected leader: street protests! As thousands of pro-Morsi / anti-coup protesters gathered in Cairo, Senior Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed ElBeltagy told them:

“Your brothers are now at the Republican Guards trying to help president Morsi get out. Your brothers are being fired at with live bullets. I call on the military is to remove the defence minister and to bring president Morsi back to power. We are going to the republican guards as martyrs in million. Today, president Morsi should come back to power,” ElBeltagy said.

Well, that would be an interesting twist. The Egyptian army’s current post-coup military plan includes a suspension of the Constitution, the institution of an interim government and the promise of new elections within the year. But if the Muslim Brotherhood gets its way the new post-coup military plan will be a … double coup! Twice the fun and ten times the casualties.

Via: Al Jazeera & Current Event Cats

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