Current Event Cat of the Day: Margaret Thatcher

Current Event Cat - Thatcher Funeral

Current Event Cat of the Day: Margaret Thatcher

Funeral preparations began today for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died yesterday at the age of 87. Downing Street has announced that the funeral will take place on Wednesday, April 17thThey certainly didn’t waste any time…. but will they waste money?

Ever the penny-pincher, Thatcher requested that she not have a full state funeral, as a fly by military aircraft would be a “waste of money”. Instead, she will have a ceremonial funeral, which is apparently one step down from a state funeral and is normally reserved for monarchs. Doesn’t really sound like they’re saving much money…

Both Houses of Parliament will be recalled from their Easter recess and will pay tribute to Thatcher on Wednesday.  But not everyone is happy about having their Easter holiday ruined. Labour MP John Mann said:

“I do not know why we are wasting taxpayers’ money on an additional session. It is perfectly valid that, when a prime minister dies, MPs can pay tribute, but this could be perfectly properly done on Monday.”

Side note: why are they still on Easter vacation? Wasn’t that almost two weeks ago?

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