Current Event Cat of the Day: Notre Dame Suicide

Current EVent Cat - Suicide Notre Dame

French far-right activist Dominique Venner killed himself at the altar of the Notre Dame cathedral in protest of the same-sex marriage law that came into effect three days earlier. And people say the gays are the drama queens….

On Tuesday, Dominique Venner walked up to the altar of Notre Dame, a popular tourist attraction in Paris, and shot himself in the mouth with a single-shot pistol as the jaws of 1500 visitors simultaneously dropped. After Venner blew what little brains he had left out, police quickly evacuated the cathedral, which remained closed to the public for the remainder of the day.

Dominique Venner, 78, was an essayist and activist linked with France’s far-right and nationalist group. The day before his suicide, Venner used his blog to attack the law passed by the Socialist government last week allowing same-sex marriage and adoption, which he called ‘vile’ and more “disastrous” for France than the prospect of Islamist rule. Oh yeah, he also really hated African immigration.

Venner remained silent during his suicide, but left a note behind which was read out loud by a friend on a conservative radio program:

“I believe it is necessary to sacrifice myself to break with the lethargy that is overwhelming us.”

“I am killing myself to awaken slumbering consciences.”

While many dismissed Venner as a nazi terrorist, Marine Le Pen was not one of them. Le Pen, the leader of the the far-right Front National, hailed Venner’s suicide as a political gesture.

“All respect to Dominique Venner whose final, eminently political act was to try to wake up the people of France,” Le Pen wrote on Twitter, later adding that “it is in life and hope that France will renew and save itself”.

Hundreds of other far-right sympathizers gathered in the square in front of the Notre Dame cathedral to pay tribute to the former Algerian War veteran and far-right militant Tuesday night. We can only hope their idea of paying tribute is to follow in his footsteps…

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