Current Event Cat of the Day: Pope Francis & Homosexuals

Current Event Cat - Gay Priests Pope Francis

Pope Francis announces that that homosexuals should not be judged or marginalized and should be integrated into society.

The Pope’s new position is that homosexual acts are sinful, but homosexual orientation is not. Therefore priests can be gay, as long as they don’t act on their urges – which shouldn’t be too difficult considering they’re supposed to be celibate. Same thing for pedophiles – as long as they don’t act on it, they can still be priests they can be priests regardless of how many young boys they’ve molested.

Still, the Pope’s idea to forgive gay clergymen is a bit more progressive than Pope Benedict XVI, who signed a document in 2005 that said men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies should not be priests.

Pope Francis also stressed that god-loving homosexuals should not be shunned or discriminated against but rather integrated into society.

“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” Francis said on a plane returning from his week-long trip to Brazil.

Looks like a little vacay in Brazil was all Pope Francis needed to get on board the gay train. Well, I wouldn’t say he’s fully onboard considering he still reaffirmed the Church teaching that homosexual acts are a sin. I guess it’s more like he has acknowledged homosexuals exist and others should exist along beside them. One step at a time!

Pope Francis also said he wanted a greater role for women in the Church, but insisted the ban on women priests is “definitive”.

“The Church has spoken and says no … that door is closed.”

The Roman Catholic Church’s new slogan: “We’re progressive. But not really….”

Via: Current Event Cats & The New York Times

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