Current Event Cat of the Day: Presidential Palace Attack

Current Event Cat - Afghan Presidential Palace

Taliban militants stormed Afghanistan’s presidential palace in Kabul early Tuesday while reporters were present for a press event with President Hamid Karzai.

A gun battle quickly broke out in the presidential palace that left eight attackers and three guards dead, and sent the journalists scrambling for cover. Explosions and gunfire reportedly shook the city center and debris could be seen flying everywhere. The gun battle began near the east gate leading to the palace next to the Afghan Ministry of Defence and the former Ariana Hotel, which houses a CIA center.

The presidential palace is one of the most-heavily guarded areas in Kabul and thought to be the most secure. The palace is in a large fortified area of downtown Kabul that also includes the U.S. Embassy and the headquarters for the NATO-led coalition forces. Hamid Karzai was in the palace at the time of the attack but remained unharmed.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility, saying “eight of our suicide bombers were able to reach the most secure area of Kabul.”

“The brave mujahedeen, with special tactics and help from inside, were able to reach their target with their weapons and cars.”

The attack ended after a two-hour showdown. The Nato-led International Security Assistance Force said Afghan National Security Forces had led the response efforts. Last week, Afghan forces assumed security responsibility for the whole of the country for the first time since the Taliban government was ousted in 2001. So far they’re not off to a great start… but they’ve certainly come a long way since 2007:

Via: CBC News & Current Event Cats

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