Current Event Cat of the Day: Russian Psychiatric Hospital

Current Event Cat - Russian Fire Psychiatric Hospital

A fire has engulfed an entire wing of a psychiatric hospital in the Moscow area.

38 people are dead, mostly patients of the psychiatric hospital who died in the beds. Only three people managed to survive the fire – a nurse and two patients.

Early reports suggest a patient with drug problems ignored a smoking ban, which caused the fire to start. The fire quickly spread, consuming the one-story brick and wood building. The nurse only duty only managed to evacuate two patients, possibly because the fire spread quickly and more than two-thirds of the patients regularly took powerful antipsychotic medications before going to bed.

Other factors causing the high death toll: the nearest fire station is a 40-minute drive from the mental facility, some windows had security bars, and Russia is not known for it’s proper fire exits.

Investigators also discovered a large hole 1.5 meters deep beneath the building. Apparently, one of the patients may have been digging an escape tunnel. If only he had dug a little faster…

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