Current Event Cat of the Day: Queen Beatrix

Current Event Cat - Dutch Queen Beatrix

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has abdicated the throne, handing it over to her son Willem-Alexander.

Princess Beatrix, formerly known as Queen Beatrix, signed the abdication deed on Tuesday after a 33-year reign. Beatrix, 75, announced her plans to step down back in January, citing that it was time for a new generation of royals to take over.

Willem-Alexander will be the first Dutch king since 1890. He was sworn in today as huge crowds of orange-clad partygoers celebrated in the streets. What kind of king will Willem-Alexander be? According to him he wants to “be a king that can bring society together, representative and encouraging in the 21st Century”. Well that sounds very generic.

Meanwhile, over in England, Prince Charles passive aggressively sat down at the royal breakfast table and slowly placed the newspaper headlines down for all to see.

Your move Queen Elizabeth.

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