Current Event Cat of the Day: Robbie Rogers

Current Event Cat - Robbie Rogers

On Sunday Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay male athlete to play in a U.S professional league when he made his Major League Soccer debut with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Yes, despite the hoards of metrosexual soccer-loving Euros, THIS was the first time an openly gay player took to the field. Another historic title for Robbie Rogers: the best looking openly gay athlete who has played in American pro sports.

The proof is in the smile —–>Robbie Rogers

Robbie Rogers retired from soccer in February after publicly revealing his sexual orientation. But now Robbie Rogers is back where he belongs – playing with balls. The soccer stud announced his return on Friday, got picked up by the Galaxy on Saturday, and entered a game in the 77th minute as a substitute on Sunday. Busy weekend.

“It’s crazy to me to think I stepped away from this game at 25,” he said. “I’ll sit in my bed tonight and thank God gave me the courage to do this and come back.”

“I guess this is a historic thing, but for me it was just a soccer game,” he continued. Gay AND modest!

And I guess with David Beckham retiring, soccer needed a new gay poster boy.

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