Current Event Cat of the Day: Russian Plane Crash

Current EVent Cat - Russian Plane

A Russian passenger plane crashed onto an airport runway Sunday morning in the city of Kazan, killing all 50 people on board. A tragedy – even by Russian standards!

The Boeing 737 took off from Moscow and crashed while making a second attempt to land in the city of Kazan. Instead of landing, the Tatarstan Airlines flight exploded on impact, killing everyone – passengers, crew, everyone.

Terrorism has been ruled out but investigators are still investigating what caused the crash – technical failures, poor weather conditions, crew errors? The company insists the plane was in good condition and the airline has had a decent safety record but they have had some financial problems recently. Some industry experts are also pointing towards Russian airlines’ cost-cutting habits, where profit is put well ahead of safety and training. But investigators are examining the plane’s damaged black boxes and will eventually figure out what’s what.

When I was travelling in Czech Republic ten-ish years ago, there was another plane crash that happened in Russia – killing far fewer people, but still with quite a few causalities. Anyways, CNN (the only English news available to me) declared the incident “a tragedy – even by Russian standards.” Apparently Russia is such a dark desolate place where everyone is so accustomed to misfortune that for something to qualify as a tragedy, it’s gotta be BIG. Well, I think a plane crash killing 44 passengers and six crew members qualifies as a tragedy – even by CNN’s standards.

Via: FOX News

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