Current Event Cat of the Day: Strawberry Field

Current Event Cat - Strawberry Field

30 strawberry pickers in southern Greece were shot and wounded on a strawberry field over a pay dispute after a foreman opened fire.

The strawberry field migrants, who were mainly from Bangladesh, gathered around to request six months worth of unpaid salaries. Apparently that was enough to send one farm supervisor over the edge and he began shooting at the migrant workers. Luckily, none of them were seriously injured, but the strawberries will never be the same.

The owner of the strawberry farm, who wasn’t present during the strawberry massacre, has been detained for questioning. One foreman (most likely the one who went on the shooting spree…) has been arrested and arrest warrants have been issued for two other foremen.

The foreman is telling police that the workers had “moved threateningly” towards him before he decided to shoot at them.

The strawberry field town of Nea Manolada is no stranger to migrant controversy. It has previously been in the spotlights over accusations of worker exploitation. Now some are calling for boycotts of “blood strawberries” from the region. Suggested slogan: Strawberry Fields NEVER!!

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