Current Event Cat of the Day: Toxic Letter

Current Event Cat - Toxic Letter

A toxic letter that has tested positive for the lethal toxin ricin (or some other poisonous substance) was sent to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

Luckily, the envelope was intercepted at an off-site Capitol facility in Washington DC, where it was tested before it reached Senator Wicker. The toxic letter was postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee and did not look outwardly suspicious. But apparently, all mail sent to member of Congress are screened off-site since letters laced with anthrax were sent to Capitol Hill in 2001. So next time you want to poison a politician via postal service, think again.

Ricin, extracted from castor beans, is 1,000 times more toxic than cyanide but not as deadly as anthrax. Also, it cannot cause mass casualties, so yay! But it can be fatal when inhaled, swallowed or injected, although it is possible to recover from exposure.

UPDATE: Another ricin laced letter was sent – this one intended for President Obama. I guess whoever sent it didn’t heed my warning. Also, I guess ricin is the new anthrax!

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