Current Event Cat of the Day: Turkish Protests

Current Event Cat - Stop Protests

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded an end to the ongoing protests.

At Istanbul airport, Erdogan took a combative stance and told crowds of supporters who were welcoming him home from a four-day North Africa tour that the protests must stop.

“These protests that are bordering on illegality must come to an end as of now,” he told the 10,000 supporters as they cheered him on.

“I call for an immediate end to the demonstrations, which have lost their democratic credentials and turned into vandalism.”

Some of his supporters chanted: “Let us go, let’s crush Taksim!” but Erdogan decided that might be too much and urged them to go home peacefully.

Erdogan did attempt some kind of unity and togetherness message:

“They say I am the prime minister of only 50 per cent. It’s not true. We have served the whole of the 76 million from the east to the west,” he said, referring to his 2011 election win with 50% of the vote.

Together we are Turkey. Together we are brothers. We have never endeavored to break hearts. We are in favor of mending hearts.”

But at the end of the day, he just really hates those damn protesters.

Erdogan’s speech, delivered from atop an open-air bus outside the airport terminal, was the first major show of public support for Erdogan following a week of protests. But as he spoke, thousands of anti-government protesters were also rallying in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, calling for his resignation.

The protests, which started out as a small demonstration against the development of Istanbul’s Gezi park, have now spread nationwide. Protesters from all walks of life have occupied Taksim Square and its park, objecting to what they say is Erdogan’s increasingly autocratic rule.

Via: Current Event Cats & CBC News

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