Current Event Cat of the Day: Venezuela’s Parliament

Current Event Cat - Fistfight in Venezuela's Parliament

Parliamentarians gone wild! Fistfights broke out in Venezuela’s parliament over the disputed presidential election, leaving at least seven legislators bloodied and bruised.

Looks like Venezuela’s parliament just can’t keep it together after the death of their beloved Hugo Catvez. Things got heated when the opposition party refused to acknowledge President Nicolás Maduro (Hugo’s choice) as the winner of the April 14 election. Official results show Maduro narrowly beat the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

Capriles, not one to take no for an answer, demanded a full recount and urged Venezeulans to take to the streets in protest. The National Electoral Council basically told him to shut up and announced that Maduro had won by 1.49 percentage points.

The situation turned violent when the National Assembly (controlled by Maduro) passed a measure refusing to allow the opposition the right to speak until they recognized Maduro as president. The opposition felt they were being silenced and then all hell broke loose in Venezuela’s parliament.

Another issue they couldn’t agree upon: who started the fight. Both the opposition and the pro-government lawmakers accused the other of throwing the first punch. Venezuela: making US Congress seem more productive, one punch at a time.

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