Current Event Cat of the Day: Weapons to Syria

Current EVent Cat - Russia Sends Syria Weapons

This ought to end well…. Just days (perhaps minutes!) after the European Union’s embargo on weapons transfers into Syria expired, Syria confirmed that Russia had delivered the missiles it had promised. Sending weapons to evil dictators has never gone wrong before, right?

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said in a television interview to be broadcast on Thursday that, “Syria has received the first shipment of Russian antiaircraft S-300 rockets.” Other shipments are expected to arrive soon since the S-300 missile systems “do not just come in a box” – they need to be delivered in stages!

Russian officials had made it clear earlier in the week that they would deliver weapons to Syria, a move widely condemned by pretty much every country except Syria. Israel is especially shook up about the whole thing, saying the weapons present a threat to its security and against which it is willing to use force.

The White House has also been openly critical of Russia’s decision, calling it a step in the wrong direction.

“Providing additional weapons to Assad — including air defense systems — will only prolong the violence in Syria and incite regional destabilization,” a spokesperson for the National Security Council said on Thursday.

I guess there’s only one solution now: arm the rebels, close our eyes, and wait until the whole country implodes! Problem solved.

Via: Current Event Cats & The New York Times

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