Current Event Cat of the Day: Catholic Beer Boycott

Current Event Cat - Catholic Beer Boycott

Catholic League President and total buzzkill Bill Donohue is so angry that Guinness, Heineken, and Sam Adams pulled their sponsorship of the St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York and Boston due to the organizers banning gay and lesbian groups that he’s calling for a beer boycott.

The Catholic League President is calling on all Catholics to boycott the three beer companies for supporting gay equality. Donohue called Guinness, Sam Adams, and Heineken’s decision to pull out of the parade a “bullying campaign” that goes against the First Amendment, which “guarantees the right of private parade organizers to determine its own rules for marching.” I suppose the First Amendment also guarantees beer companies to sponsor or support whoever they want, but that doesn’t fit into Bill Donohue’s argument.

“None of these companies believe in diversity. No gay person has ever been barred from marching in any St. Patrick’s Day parade, anymore than the parade bans pro-life Catholics or vegetarian Catholics; they simply cannot march under their own banner. The parade has one cause: honoring St. Patrick. Those who disagree do not have to march—that’s what diversity is all about” Donohue wrote on the Catholic League’s website.

The parade is quintessentially Catholic, beginning with a Mass in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is this Catholic element that angers those who are engaged in a bullying campaign against the St. Patrick’s Day parades. The bullies also have nothing but contempt for the constitutional rights of Irish Catholics.”

While Donohue considers ending his relationship with Guinness and Sam Adams a sacrifice, he didn’t have a hard time saying goodbye to Heineken.

Heineken was always slop, so there is no sacrifice there.”

Anyways, good luck getting Irish Catholics to stop drinking beer – especially when the majority of them support same-sex marriage and 100% of them support drowning their Irish Catholic guilt with beer.

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