Current Event Cat of the Day: Not So Friendly Fire

Current Event Cat - NS Korea Not So Friendly Fire

North and South Korea exchanged some not so friendly fire on Monday over a poorly marked sea boundary.

During military exercises on Monday, North Korea reportedly fired hundreds of artillery shells across the Northern Limit Line into South Korean waters. South Korea wasn’t just going to sit pack and let Kim Jong Un drop a few hundred loads of ammunition into their water, so in response South Korea fired K-9 self-propelled artillery into North Korean waters. Although no shells from either side were fired at any land or military installations, the fish must be getting pretty tired of this shit.

South Korea is calling the North’s artillery firing a provocation aimed at testing Seoul’s security but North Korea doesn’t understand what the big deal is. North Korea routinely test-fires artillery and missiles into the ocean and they had sent South Korea a clearly worded fax early Monday morning informing the country of live-fire drills near the line. Ok, I think I see where the miscommunication happened… South Korea probably didn’t receive the warning fax because NOBODY USES FAX MACHINES ANYMORE – outside of North Korea that is.

Tensions are always high between the Koreas in late March/early April because of the North’s anger at annual joint military exercises by the South and the US. And since Kim Jong Un takes his March Madness pretty seriously, a tirade of bullets into the sea seemed inevitable.

Still, while Monday’s exchange was relatively mild in the history of the Koreas and their water/everything disputes, the White House released a statement calling North Korea’s recent actions “dangerous and provocative” and claimed they would only isolate the country further. You know what else would further isolate North Korea from the rest of the world? Their constant use of FAX MACHINES!!!

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