Current Event Cat of the Day: Looting in the Philippines

Current Event Cat - Looting

Step 1: Survive Typhoon Haiyan. Step 2: Panic. Step 3: Begin Looting!

Panicked survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines began looting Wednesday as food and clean water supplies become harder and harder to find.

Five days after one of deadliest storms ever recorded hit the Philippines, the official death toll stands at 2,275. The number of causalities is expected to rise – as is the number of looting related deaths.

So far 8 people were crushed to death when thousands of hungry Filipinos overran a government rice warehouse on one of the hardest hit islands. The rice mob caused a wall to collapse, crushing some people in the process, and prompting security forces to exchange gunfire with an armed gang – but at least they (well, some of them) managed to escape with thousands of sacks of grain.

The slow pace of international aid distribution also caused some residents to smash open underground pipes and break into homes and stores to strip the shelves of supplies.

“People are walking around like zombies just looking for food and water” one resident said, speaking of Tacloban, one of the worst hit cities.

“My hometown will never be the same again. About 90% of the city is destroyed – nothing left.”

As the Philippines descends into chaos, authorities are trying to control the looting – but millions of displaced Filipinos has presented quite the logistical challenge.  As international aid comes trickling in to the areas devastated by the typhoon, the government is trying its best to keep its sh*t together.

“This is the largest logistic operation in the history of the Philippines, we have never done anything like this before,” Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras said.

“The Filipino resiliency will be proven by this crisis. Maybe somebody from the outside cannot understand the true nature of this country and the realities that can be found on the ground.”

Now, if only they could get that looting under control – although I suppose basic survival is as good of reason as any to steal food and water…

Via: CBC News

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