Current Event Cat of the Day: Revamped NSA Spying Program

Current Event Cat - GOv Spying NSA

In his much-anticipated NSA speech, President Obama outlined four major reforms to the National Security Agency in the wake of leaked documents by notorious leaker Edward Snowden. Better late than never?

Addressing the changes he is proposing to the NSA, Obama said he would end the vast collection of phone data as it exists today. The reforms include putting a stop to spying on “friendly” world leaders, new protections for foreigners caught in US data collection programs, and prohibiting the NSA from storing large amounts of data. Under this new plan, details of phone calls would be held by a third party, and the NSA would have to seek legal permission before it could access that information – ultimately moving the data out of the hands of the government.

“We will not monitor the communications of heads of state and government of our close friends and allies,” Obama promised.

“The leaders of our close friends and allies deserve to know that if I want to learn what they think about an issue, I will pick up the phone and call them, rather than turning to surveillance.”

But despite the sweeping reforms, Obama stood behind the surveillance program, claiming that the aggressive practices of the NSA did not break the law, and that in many cases they were necessary to protect national security. Obama said US intelligence had prevented terror attacks at home and abroad. How many terror attacks? Can’t say – it’s top secret. Just know that you WILL die in a terror attack if the NSA stops listening to your phone calls.

Via: New York Times

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