Current Event Cat of the Day: Rob Ford and His Crack Tape

Current Event Cat - Crack Tape Allegations

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks on the Rob Ford front (relatively speaking), but now the crackhead mayor is back in the headlines denying the latest allegations that he tried to purchase his infamous crack tape.

Information released Wednesday from police wiretaps has left Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sweating even more than usual. While wiretapping cellphone conversations during a drug-trafficking investigation, police overheard a number of conversations regarding the crack smoking mayor.

Heroin Use

Crack may not be the mayor’s only drug of choice. Sketchy characters were overheard on the police wiretaps saying that they have photographs of Mayor Rob Ford “doing the hezza,” or heroin.

Hanging out at Crack Houses

Police documents reveal that the house where Ford was photographed with three suspected gang members is, in fact, a crack house. Wiretap interceptions revealed someone was called to the house on April 20 because the mayor “wants some drugs.” That person was later heard saying that Ford had been “smoking his rocks” that day at the house.

Losing his Phone at a Crack House

According to police documents, Rob Ford may have lost his cellphone at the crack house a month before video of him smoking the drug hit the Internet – contradicting his earlier story about losing his phone at a community event. Maybe it was a community event at a crack house?

Attempting to Purchase Crack Tape

The documents also suggest that Ford made an offer to the men attempting to sell the video to Gawker and the Star. According to the video’s owner, Mohamed Siad, Ford offered him $5,000 and a car in exchange for the crack tape. But Siad and his fellow Somali gang leaders thought the video was worth more, suggesting they should ask for $150k.

Ford Fights Back!

Despite being dangerously dehydrated due to his profuse sweating (and possibly crack use), Ford is fighting back against these new accusations.

When asked about his attempt to purchase the crack tape, Mayor Ford told a Washington radio station, “Number one, that’s an outright lie and number two, you can talk to my lawyers about it.”

Ford also vehementently denied that the house he bought drugs at was a crack house.

That is not a crack house,” Ford told Toronto Coun. Michael Thompson when questioned about the residence. “Have you visited the house? Have you walked in the house? No you haven’t … So you’re listening, you’re listening to what the media says?”

As for the heroin use, Rob Ford didn’t comment. Most likely because it happened during one of his drnken stupors and he couldn’t remember if he shot up or not.

Via: CBC News

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