Current Event Cat of the Day: Valentine’s Day

Current Event Cat - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! To all those in loving relationships, enjoy your smug content. And to all those who plan to spend tonight watching a sappy rom com with a box of tissues and an oversized bottle of sleeping pills (just in case), fear not – you can now purchase a professional cuddler.

One New York City woman, Ali C., has made a business out of lonely folks who need cuddles – especially on Valentine’s Day. Dubbing herself the Big Apple’s first professional cuddler, Ali takes clients into her Manhattan apartment and spoons with them – but not before a pre-snuggle interview is conducted.

“It’s a very healing experience,” Ali, 47, said of the snuggling sessions. “People are very vulnerable during the process.”

The spooning expert launched her strange venture, Cuddle U NYC, last November and has reportedly met with more than 30 clients so far.

The cuddling sessions can take place on a sofa, the floor or the bed with “soothing spa music” playing softly in the background.

“The spoon position is very popular and comforting,” she writes on her website. “I’ll often lightly stroke your hair/neck/face which many of my clients find extremely relaxing.”

All this for the low, low price of $60 for 45 minutes (or $80 for 60 minutes). And if you’re extra desperate on Valentine’s Day you can splurge for one of the special packages such as the $200 movie and cuddle package or the $500 “overnight cuddle” package.

But before you jump to conclusions and call Ali a prostitute – read her guidelines. While sexual arousal is perfectly normal, Ali won’t act on it.  Sexual contact is strictly prohibited.

“During your Cuddle session with me, my goal is to create a nurturing, loving energy that is completely free of sexual undertones — emotional generosity that isn’t concerned with getting anything in return,” Ali writes on her site.

Minus the money she’s getting in return…

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