Current Event Cat of the Day: Viktor Yanukovych’s Sick Day

Current Event Cat - Sick Day Viktor Yanukovych

While his country teeters on the brink of civil war, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has decided to deal with it by calling in sick. When times get tough, stay in bed!

Yanukovych’s his deputy health chief says his sick leave is “in connection with an acute respiratory disease accompanied by high fever.” Well, I’ll need to see a thermometer before I can determine if he’s faking it to get out of school/civil unrest.

Some opposition figures are also calling bullsh*t on Yanukovych’s reported illness, arguing that he’s just trying to buy time and remove himself from the conflict.

“This smacks of a diplomatic illness,” Rostislav Pavlenko, a member of boxer-turned-politician Vitaly Klitschko‘s Udar (Punch) party said.

“It allows Yanukovych not to sign laws, not to meet the opposition, absent himself from decisions to solve the political crisis.”

The sick leave statement was issued in Ukrainian on the presidential website following weeks of violent anti-government protests in Kiev and a series of government concessions that appear to have gone nowhere.

Just a day before Yanukovych called in sick, he forced the Ukrainian parliament to pass a conditional amnesty for 100 imprisoned protesters, despite demands from the opposition that the amnesty be unconditional. And earlier in the week Yanukovych accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his cabinet and annulled a recently enacted law restricting protests, hoping this would appease the protesters and end the unrest. Nope. They’re not happy yet – not until Yanukovych himself is out of power.

All out of ideas (short of stepping down), Yanukovych decided that the best way to deal with the crisis was to just stay in bed with a cup of hot cocoa and wait for everything to resolve itself.

Via: BBC News

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