Dennis Rodman is on a Diplomatic Mission to Save the World. Or F*ck it up.

Dennis Rodman Wants the Pope

Fresh off his recent success easing the escalating tensions between North Korea and every other country, Dennis Rodman now has his sights set on Rome, and in particular, the Pope.

Reports have surfaced that Rodman, North Korea’s favourite washed up NBA star and self-appointed diplomat, is flying to Rome in hopes of sitting down with the new Pope (who has yet to even be elected…).

Rodman will be landing late tonight but says his “people” are already in Rome trying to negotiate a meeting. Rodman hopes to get there in time to see the magic white pope smoke, and given that there is no current pope frontrunner, it’s unlikely the smoke will appear before Rodman’s arrival.

However, unless the new pope is as big of a basketball fan as his best friend Kim Jong-un, I don’t think Rodman should get his hopes up. It’s unlikely the pope will be jumping at the chance to meet a body art aficionado once romantically linked to Madonna.

As for the purpose of his mission?

“I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed … I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”

And you thought you were done hearing about Dennis Rodman….

Via: TMZ

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