Dennis Rodman to the Rescue – Again!

Dennis Rodman and His BFF

Dennis Rodman has asked Kim Jong-un to “do him a solid” and release American Kenneth Bae.

South Korean born Kenneth Bae was sentenced last week to 15 years of hard labour for taking pictures of starving children in North Korea. The American citizen was a tour operator who had been to the north several times before. North Korea believed he was using his tour company to bring Christian missionaries into the isolated country in an effort to topple Kim Jong-un.

Since former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have already done their parts to free detained Americans in North Korea, Dennis Rodman decided it was his turn to step in. And why not? He is BFFs with Kim Jong-un.

And what better way to reach out to a dictator of a country with severely limited Internet access than through Twitter. The former NBA star/current diplomat extraordinaire took to Twitter to ask the North Korean leader to release Bae.

Dennis Rodman Tweet

Rodman’s bestfriendship with the dictator began back in March when the basketball player paid a visit to North Korea. The two buds cemented their friendship while watching basketball and ignoring human rights.

No response yet from Kim Jong-un though. Perhaps Rodman should negotiate a trade: courtside Bulls tickets for the release of Bae. Bulls for Bae! It’s got a nice ring to it.

Via: Politico

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