Dick Cheney Wrote Secret Resignation Letter

Dick Cheney Resignation

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has revealed that he drafted up his own resignation letter just under 70 days after taking office and presented it to President Bush.

In a 60 Minutes episode entitled Dick Cheney’s Heart, Cheney comes clean about his multiple heart attacks and how it affected his political career. Yes, even Dick Cheney has a heart – although it did try to kill him five times.

In light of his poor health and the realization that there was no constitutional provision to replace an incapacitated vice president, Cheney decided to jump the gun by drafting a “pending” resignation.

“Basically, what I did was I resigned the vice presidency effective March 28, 2001,” Cheney told Sanjay Gupta Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Bush was “a little surprised. But he thought it was a good idea.” After all, it’s never a good thing to have an incapacitated vice president control your puppet strings. Although in this case, maybe it would have been a good idea…

In Cheney’s decades long effort to convince Americans he has a heart, he has detailed his medical story in his new book Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, written with his cardiologist Jonathan Reiner. The book reveals how Cheney’s cigarette and fatty food addiction combined with a family history of heart disease led to five heart attacks, open heart surgery, multiple catheterizations and angioplasties, an implanted defibrillator, and a pump attached directly to his heart – and all of this happened before his big heart transplant at the age of 71. Lucky for him he had government health care to pay for it all!

The book also reveals how Cheney’s cardiologist was worried terrorists might hack into the wireless feature of his implanted defibrillator and electroshock him into cardiac arrest. Worried that “someone could kill Cheney”, the doctor ordered the manufacturer to disable the wireless feature. Hey – it happened on Homeland! Unfortunately, in the fictitious version, the vice president dies after terrorists gain remote access to his defibrillator, whereas in real life, 72-year-old Dick Cheney is apparently immortal. 

Via: CBS News

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