Diplomatic Immunity Ruins Diplomatic Relations Between Russia and the Netherlands

Diplomatic Relations

A week after a Russian diplomat was arrested in the Netherlands despite having diplomatic immunity, a Dutch diplomat was attacked by two men in his apartment in Moscow.

Relations were already pretty strained between the two countries after Russia detained Greenpeace activists on a Dutch-flagged ship and the Netherland launched legal action against Russia, but now they’ve taken a turn for the worse.

Russia was outraged OUTRAGED last week when Russian diplomat Dmitry Borodin was arrested in the Hague after a neighbor complained about him being extremely drunk and endangering his young children. After Borodin was held for several hours, President Vladimir Putin demanded an apology – a Dutch apology. And after a brief investigation, the Dutch foreign minister conceded that police had breached the rules on diplomatic immunity and Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans apologized for the arrest. The fact remains though that he was abusing his children, but…. diplomatic immunity!

Fast forward one week and Russia retaliates. A senior diplomat at the Dutch embassy in Moscow was tied up and beaten in his Moscow apartment by men posing as electricians. Onno Elderenbosch, 66, was returning home when the men jumped him, tied him up with tape, gave him a little beating and left “a heart with the letters LGBT” written in lipstick on the diplomat’s wall.

It is still unclear who assaulted the diplomat and why, but the message they left on the wall gives a pretty good sense of their motivations.

Netherlands has been super critical of Russia’s anti-gay stance. Earlier this year the Dutch welcomed Putin’s arrival with a gay pride parade where activists waved pink and orange balloons to protest against Russia’s ban on gay “propaganda” directed at minors.

The elderly Elderenbosch was only slightly injured in the Tuesday night assault, but the diplomatic relations between the two countries suffered more serious injuries.

Via: The Toronto Star 

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