Dozens Dead in Dhaka over Blasphemy Laws

Dhaka Riots

Authorities in Dhaka, Bangladesh have banned all rallies for the rest of the amid following clashes over the weekend that left at least 20 people dead and more than 60 wounded.

Fights broke out between police and a large number of Islamic hardliners, led by Hefazat-e Islam. The Islamist protesters took to the streets to demand stricter punishment for those who insult Islam and the Prophet Muhammed.

Hefazat-e Islam – a coalition of around a dozen Islamist organisations – arranged at least 3,000 vehicles to bring demonstrators into Dhaka, the capital. The protesters, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest!”) and “Atheists must be hanged”, blocked roads with burning tires and logs and set fire to at least 30 vehicles. The rioters went on to loot and set fire to shops, including bookshops where the Holy Koran is sold.

Police say they had no choice but to use tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades to break up the crowds of stone-throwing rioters. Dhaka police announced that all rallies and protests are now banned in the city until midnight Monday.

The Hefazat-e Islam movement seeks to impose a stricter form of Islam on Bangladeshi society, which currently tries to pass itself off as a secular democracy. The radical group has issued a 13-point charter of demands, which basically consists of:

  • Releasing and dropping charges against all Islamists who have been arrested
  • Executing atheist bloggers (oh dear…) and passing much stricter blasphemy laws in general
  • Greater segregation of men and women – no co-ed dances!
  • Stopping the building of any sculptures

So, to sum up, putting something like this on a blog will result in the death penalty if Hefazat-e Islam gets their way:


I guess I can cross Bangladesh off the list of places I don’t want to visit but definitely can’t visit anymore.

Just a thought, but maybe Bangladesh should concentrate on enacting stricter building regulations first, and worry about the bloggers later…

Via: The New York Times

One Response to “Dozens Dead in Dhaka over Blasphemy Laws”

  1. BunnyOle
    June 12, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    And oh yes, I’ll just put this first, YES, that image of the cute kitty cat would definitely qualify you for the death penalty in the majority of islamic countries. Also, I doubt meowmad was cute.

    These actions right here make me think: And people want to know why Burma *Myanmar) is trying to chase their ‘illegal’ bangli muslim population out, and impose a 2 child per couple limit on the remainder?

    The lunacy listed here doesn’t even come close to what they have been doing in Bangladesh for the past couple of years. These Sht Bstrds have been destroying buddhist temples, killing buddhist monks, burning neighborhoods and villages of buddhists and also destroying holy icons, religious texts that are hundreds of years old, buddhas, etc. They have killed MANY people in the past couple years, pretty much all hindus and buddhists, heavily on the buddhists. That has been going on since well before the heavily publicized sanity of the indigenous Burmese trying to kick out all the Bangli muslims and have been beating them up and chasing them out of their ‘slums’ – most of them are there illegally anyway.

    Mainstream media refers to the ‘massacres’ of ‘poor innocent bangladeshi muslims living in Myanamar’ oh woe, where could they go to now? (uh, Bangladesh? but NO, Bangladesh isn’t taking them, so they are looking for ‘countries’ who will accept these persecuted, innocent people who ‘never did nuthin’ to nobody’ and that for some reason even Buddhist MONKS were driven to physically attack them, even though they are wholly innocent and apparently buddhist monks are just always mean & evil and known for their violent natures. Yes, the images I usually see of Buddhist monks, they are enraged, screaming, faces contorted-perpetrating violence upon people, demanding death and destruction….NO WAIT – that”s the effing muslims. The buddhists are those guys being real quiet, allowing armies to kill them as a form of non violent protest (because they won’t fight back) and setting themselves on FIRE to protest wars and violence.
    And yet in Burma, one could plainly see the monks in the crowds of angry villagers, gettin’ in on the action, and I don’t blame them not one single bit. I CHEERED when I read that, FINALLY, one effing person on earth stands up to them, tells them they ‘got ta go, cuz dis here sheeet ain’t workin’ – and the world howls in outrage, demanding intervention, make them stop doing that! Genocide of Christians in several muslim countries (Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Iran, etc.) NOTHING!

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