Drunk Dial Congress: The New Town Hall Meetings

Drunk Dial Congress

Tired of the government shutdown? Enjoy binge drinking at home? Well now you can combine the two with the new website called Drunk Dial Congress!

The new Drunk Dial Congress site prompts visitors to enter their phone number. A few seconds later you will get a call that connects you to a random member of Congress. The site, which also offers aptly named drink recipes such as the Southern Congressman and the Sleepy Senator, says “Now’s you chance to tell your Representative what you really think of their actions.” While drunk, of course.

There’s no testing of your blood-alcohol content (it’s a website, not breathalyzer) but the site recommends you do it while drunk – it makes for better comments.

So write down all your complaints, fix yourself one of the suggested drinks, and drunk dial Congress. From the looks of the recipes, you’ll only need one or two of the drinks to do the job… they look pretty potent.

And if you don’t have any complaints, then you can just pull a classic prank call:

Caller: Hey Congress, is your government running?

Congress: No, no it’s not.

Caller: Oh ok… I guess you don’t have to go catch it then.


Via: drunkdialcongress.org

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