Ecuador Claims Their UK Embassy / Julian Assange Hide-out was Bugged

Ecuador Embassy Bug Julian Assange

Ecuador’s ambassador to the United Kingdom said on Wednesday that a hidden microphone was found in its embassy, where WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has been holed up for more than a year.

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino (pictured looking angry above) has said the microphone was found in the office of Ambassador Ana Alban at the time of his visit to the embassy on June 16 to meet with Julian Assange.

“We have reason to believe that the bugging was carried out by The Surveillance Group Limited, one of the largest private investigation and covert surveillance companies in the United Kingdom,” Patino said.

But the British private surveillance company denied that it had bugged the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was granted asylum by Ecuador last year, lives and works in a different, non-bugged room within the embassy. He has been camped out there for over a year to avoid extradition to Sweden. Sounds like a similar case to one with that guy living in the transit area of a Moscow airport… Except the United States doesn’t want to question Edward Snowden over allegations of rape and sexual assault – just the leaking part.

The UK and Ecuador still haven’t figured out what to do with Julian Assange. Ecuador wants to guarantee him a safe passage to their country but Assange faces arrest if he steps out of the Ecuadorean embassy. The UK says it has a legal obligation to send him back to Sweden if they catch him. Assange is scared to go back to Sweden, because in addition to the rape charges, he fears Sweden would extradite him again – but this time to the United States to face potential charges over the release of thousands of confidential U.S. documents on WikiLeaks.

102966298PM001_JULIAN_ASSANIf Julian Assange really wanted to stay hidden, he should just move to the Arctic – he’d blend right in.

Via: The Guardian

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