Egypt Bans All Things Muslim Brotherhood

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mursi shouts slogans during a protest in Cairo

An Egyptian military court has banned “all activities” by the Muslim Brotherhood. But any day now they will relinquish control and allow for free and fair elections… right?

Maybe not. The Cairo Court has ordered the interim government to seize the Muslim Brotherhood’s funds and freeze its assets. The Islamic organization with 1 million Egyptian members (and the party of ousted president Mohamed Morsi) has claimed persecution under the military government set up after Morsi got the boot  – in what can only be described as a mix between a military coup and a “national reconciliation” (or just as a military coup… but let’s not get picky).

Since Morsi got kicked out of power, military authorities have launched a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and many members have been killed in clashes with security forces. The latest ruling takes the crackdown a step further by banning not only the Muslim Brotherhood itself but also “any institution derived from or belonging to the Brotherhood” or “receiving financial support from it”, which includes social organizations that have been key for building the group’s grassroots support and helping its election victories.

The Muslim Brotherhood should be used to this by now. The group was outlawed in Egypt for most of its 85 years in existence and only began to work openly after Hosni Mubarak was ousted – and even then it’s legal status remained hazy.

But nevertheless they are pretty pissed about the lastest ban.

“This is totalitarian decision,” a leading Brotherhood member, Ibrahim Moneir, said in an interview with al-Jazeera, “You are losers, and it (the Brotherhood) will remain with God’s help, not by the orders by the judiciary of el-Sissi,” he added, referring to the head of the armed forces Gen Abdul Fattah el-Sissi.

That might just be true. Banning the organization’s activities may just further mobilize them underground. And as everybody knows, driving a Muslim organization into hiding and persecuting them is a recipe for great success!

Via: New York Times

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